The Mill Hill Residents' Association Free Business Directory will be published as part of our prestigious annual brochure


Our Business Directory will be distributed to approximately 10,000 households here in NW7 and will also be promoted on our website on local Facebook groups and on NextDoor too.

Our Business Directory will be a fantastic way for residents to discover and support local businesses and services here in Mill Hill.

If you are a local Mill Hill business or if you run your business from home here in Mill Hill, this is an amazing opportunity to be discovered by 10,000 households in Mill Hill – for free

Why are we publishing a

Free Local Business Directory

in Mill Hill?


During the COVID pandemic, we saw a wonderful outpouring of residents helping residents and this has made us all very proud and thankful for having such wonderful neighbours.

However, we are not just residents living here in Mill Hill. We know that hundreds of our members, our residents and our neighbours are also running small businesses from home, offering products and services locally. And as most of these small business owners work from home they are completely hidden from the local population.

For this reason we aim to help local residents discover the wonderful kaleidoscope of services on offer from other local residents and help promote more business activity between neighbours and other local residents.

Do you want your business to be discovered by 10,000 local households and over 20,000 local Facebook & Nextdoor followers?

What Is The Mill Hill Residents’ Association?

We are 111 years old and represent 10,000 households here in Mill Hill. As a group of dedicated local volunteers our mission is to help build community and help champion the issues that matter most to our members and residents. Everything we do is to help support local residents and to work towards improving the Mill Hill where we live and that we love.

How Can You Get Your Free Listing In Our Local Business Directory?

The process is simple. Simply fill in our Free Listings Application Form and select which type of listing you would like and you will be one step closer to having your business details included in our Local Business Directory.

What Will Your Listing Look Like?

Firstly, you will be listed in the Mill Hill Residents’ Association Annual Brochure, which looks like this:

Within our brochure we will include the business directory, which will look like this:

How Many Businesses Will Be Listed For Free?

Depending on how many pages we can afford to support we might need to limit the number of free listings on a first come, first served (or other) basis. For this reason, if you would like to be listed, we suggest that you submit your request as soon as possible.

Can Local Businesses Get Enhanced Listings Or Take Out Full Page Or Half Page Advertising In The Directory?

Yes and yes, but as we don’t want to turn our prestigious brochure into an advertising magazine, we have only allocated a few pages for advertising space. If you are interested in being part of our brochure and getting your advertising message out to 10,000 households at a cost that is cheaper than distributing your own fliers door to door, then please contact Frank Orman on

Apply for your

Free Listing

    Please provide a short description of your business in NO MORE THAN 50 CHARACTERS (including spaces).

    Please spent some time writing up your 50 character description as this is what will appear in the directory itself. It should help potential customers understand what you offer and encourage them to do business with you.

    Here are some examples:

    Mill Hill Tutors
    50 Character Description: Specialising in 11+ exams plus years 3-6 tutoring

    Dean Digital
    47 Character Description: Expert web design, ecommerce solutions, hosting

    Beauty Corner
    44 Character Description: Beauty & aesthetic services and microblading

    50 characters left.

    To get your free listing you must agree to the following conditions:

    Please note that we might not have your exact business category in our directory and, for this reason, we reserve the right to allocate your business to a category that we feel best suits you.

    Please note that we are not obliged to automatically accept all listings and we reserve the right not to publish any business in our directory for any reason. Our decision regarding which businesses or types of businesses to include is at our absolute discretion and we will not divulge our reasons.

    As this directory is created by volunteers, you agree not to hold us responsible in any way (directly or indirectly) for any decisions we make regarding how your business is published or for any errors that might occur for any reason.

    Distribution numbers are based on an estimated 10,000 households in NW7. However, as distribution will be done by MHRA volunteers and local residents, we will not be able to verify numbers and there is always a risk that certain streets will be missed. For this reason, while all efforts will be made, you acknowledge that we are not able to guarantee full distribution to all 10,000 households.

    You agree that the MHRA reserves the right not to include certain businesses at our absolute discretion and without challenge from you.